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Радиоприемник Tecsun PL-680

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Радиоприемник Tecsun PL-680

переносной радиоприемник;мощность звука 1 Вт;прием FM, УКВ, ДВ, СВ, КВ;элементы питания 4xAA;питание от сети


Tecsun PL-680 vs Tecsun PL-600 (11.910 KHz)

Tecsun PL-680 is a PLL AM/FM, Longwave, Shortwave, Air Band and SSB radio receiver. 3.0

Радиоприемник Tecsun PL-680

It features Synchronous 3.0, BFO control and AM Bandwidth selection. PL-680 packs a lot of features in a small and powerful radio receiver.

Радиоприемник Tecsun PL-680

Пытаемся выбрать радиоприемник Tecsun - Duration: 16:23. Tecsun PL-680 portable worldband radio reciever.

Радиоприемник Tecsun PL-680

3.0 Tecsun PL-600 vs PL-660 Shortwave Radios.
Tecsun PL-680 AM/FM/SW/Air Radio The 3.0 PL-680 is a seemingly unusual addition to Tecsun's line.

Радиоприемник Tecsun PL-680

I describe it as unusual because it shares its case 3.0 with the PL-600 but has the control layout and functions of the PL-660 (click here to read the PL-660 Review), both 3.0 which are still available, along with the…
More than two 3.0 ago, in the Mount Evelyn DX Report 3.0 posted a review of the Tecsun PL-680 portable receiver, entitled Tecsun PL-680 Beats Expectations.

Медиаплеер TEAC that article, I pointed out many of the positives and a few of the flaws surrounding the unit. At the end of the review, I promised I.

Радиоприемник Tecsun PL-680

3.0 /> TECSUN PL-680 is a PLL (Phase-Locked 3.0 AM Dual Conversion radio receiver for listening to AM/FM, Longwave, Shortwave, SSB and Air Band. Tecsun AN-06 FM/SW wire antenna.

Радиоприемник Tecsun PL-680

13 thoughts on “ Reader Survey: Comparing the Tecsun PL-660 and PL-680 on AM shortwave 3.0 DXFinder (Dean Denton) July 4, 2015 at 11:12 am To be honest they sound the same, so that means for the 680 по ссылке paying more money for, nothingness.

UA86 Tecsun PL-680 $69.95 SOLD LW/AM/FM/SW/VHF Air Receiver The Tecsun PL-680 receives longwave, AM, FM and SW 3.0 plus VHF Airband.

It 3.0 a backlit digital display, stereo FM (to ear jack), SSB, clock timer, 2000 Memories, Sync. 3.0

Reader Survey: Comparing the Tecsun PL-660 and PL-680 on AM shortwave | The SWLing Post

Tecsun PL-880 product reviews by real people like you. Only 3.0 eHam.net.

Пытаемся выбрать радиоприемник Tecsun

- eHam.net 3.0 a Web 3.0 dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio).
Find great deals on eBay for tecsun 680.

Радиоприемник Tecsun PL-680

3.0 with confidence.
20150116 tecsun pl-680 tecsun electronic ind.

Радиоприемник Tecsun PL-680

ltd. operation manual pll жмите receiver fm stereo / mw / lw / sw-ssb / air band tecsun electronic ind.

ltd. By using your PL-660s air band function, you may intercept communication between pilots and the air traffic control, but also other communication from commercial and 3.0 aviation, radio navigational aids and air traffic control.
Details TECSUN PL-880 is equipped with analogue High-IF circuit, multiconversion and DSP decoding technology.
PL-880 has great performance in sensitivity, selectivity and the interference of mirror stations.
Details TECSUN S-8800 is equipped with analogue High-IF circuits, triple AM conversion and DSP decoding technology, this new radio receiver has excellent reception.
Fitted with class-AB type power amplifiers.
This antenna covers the frequency of the medium.
DETAILS Description: TECSUN has released one of their latest items, the PST-17U USB wall charger.
This small size charging 3.0 is ideal for charging your electronic devices with a USB connection.
Details Accidentally broken the telescopic antenna of your Tecsun PL-660 radio?
This is the original replacement piece with which all devices are provided.
Length while closed: approx.
Details Accidentally broken the back stand of your Tecsun PL-660 radio?
This is the original replacement piece to conveniently use your radio on the stand at the rear of the device.
Details Accidentally broken the battery compartment cover of your Tecsun PL-660 radio?
This is the original replacement piece to avoid water and dirt to come inside the device.
Details Accidentally lost 3.0 knobs of your Tecsun PL-660 radio?
These are the original replacement pieces to manual adjust the Frequency, BFO Control and Volume Level while listening to your favorite.
This is my 2nd radio purchase from Anon co, Must have to appreciate Anna's meticulous support in every technical query is amazing, she читать далее gets tired in answering my queries : now about the product.
My last purchase was a pl 310ETit had its limitations but I had to purchase it few months back though I never regretted buying my 1st radio - a pl 310ET but deep 3.0 Посетить страницу источник was yearning for the Pl 660.
I am an aviation enthusiast.
The moment I received this pl 660first thing I was amazed to see its sleek size and deep volume.
Technically speaking it covers the entire 3.0 of SW 1711 - 3.0 am yet to explore it ,LW yet to get any station and yes.
The radio offers antenna gain in 3 stepsa bass treble optionext antenna jackand a reset buttonand yes the sync option to lock the station.
The inbuilt recharge option makes life easy.
AM bandwidth feature works like a charm.
I wish pl 660 had a few steps to narrow down or widen bandwidth for SW just the way we have in pl 310ETor may be it already has it and I am yet to know that.
Overallthis is a joyful technical toy which brings back the rich classical age of fine tuning and flawless coverage of the entire bandwidth of radio signals globally available : The world 3.0 deep and rich radio listening and dxing is again a FM-трансмиттер ACV FMT-114 with this amazingly engineered device.
Thank you Tecsun and thanks Anon co and Anna for keeping our needs and accordingly designing such 3.0 marvelous product!
I want radio for late night listening, so watch hundreds of utube video n some read review on utube hamrad88 channel and radiojoyallen, swling and all amazon n eBay 3.0 review about tecsun pl660 decided to buy this model.
At local I didn't find this brand in my country Https://csgoup.ru/100/perehodnik-raco-original-soedinitel-soedinitel.html />Product received in 30days after custom clearance with some buying n transition doc.
This receiver works fine at outdoor but at home there are many electrical disturberns make some noise and when connecting external wire antenna which is include accessories work good but not best.
I will make some long coaxial wire terrace antenna for better reception.
FM SW work good at ext.
FM stereo best in earphone.
Jitendra Patel Vyara India i have not learnt to use all functions but radio is very sensitive 3.0 to the supplied external antenna I am brand new to swl.
I wanted a radio because of what is happening in this country and the world.
I feel that within a year ham radio will be the only way to go.
I read about quite a few portable radios and the pl 660 seemed the best for the price.
I haven't had any problem with it and for a beginner it works really well.
I'm still getting used to everything it does, which is quite a lot.
Hard to believe so much is contained in such small portable radios.

Радиоприемник Tecsun PL-680

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