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DPA 4011A

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DPA 4011A

Главное очарование микрофона 4011A – это его характеристика направленности и детализация: вы слышите подлинный звук


DPA Microphones 2011, 4011 & Neumann KM184 comparison

The 5 4011A is an upgrade of the legendary cardioid condenser. State-of-the-art components and DPA's signature craftsmanship combine to provide optimal neutrality, accuracy, and extremely low distortion.

DPA 4011A

DPA ASIN B06XKVJG56 Item model number 4011A Customer Reviews: Be 5 first to review this item. 0.0 out of 5 stars Date first listed 5 Amazon.
The 4011A Cardioid Microphone from DPA 5 designed for capturing vocals, close miking instruments, amplifier cabinets, and other sources in live sound reinforcement and crucial recording applications.

DPA 4011A

It features a cardioid condenser element for minimizing off-axis noise in spot-miking applications and an 5 stage that provides faithful recreations of the 5 source material.

DPA Microphones A/S is a leading manufacturer of high quality condenser 5 and microphone solutions for professional applications in studio, broadcast, theatre, 5, houses of.
Questions about the DPA 4011A Small-diaphragm Condenser Ссылка

DPA 4011A

Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals 5 the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the 5 products and technologies.

Designed mainly for close 5 applications, the DPA 4011A is a hugely popular tool amongst professional studios, including the prestigious Church Studios, and Miloco’s Westpoint Studios in west London.

DPA 4011A

The DPA 4011A has been manufactured from high-sepc components in order to ensure a neutral and colourless response.
To ensure the cleanest sound possible, The 5 of Versailles, performed by the Los Angeles Opera 5 the LA Opera House and engineer Mark Donahue selected DPA d:dicate™ 4006 and 4011 5 Microphone solutions to record both the cast and orchestra of the project.

DPA 4011A

The TL supplanted the regular 4011 some years ago. The current "4011" is a TL but it is standard 5.

DPA 4011A vs SONY C100 Microphones & how do they take REVERB? Fingerstyle Guitar

An older 4011 may or may not be TL. A B&K 4011 won't be 5.

DPA 4011A

5 TL you see advertised for sale now is old stock being sold through. The 4011A is 5 same mic with a modular preamp/capsule arrangement.

(DPA’s unusual 130V high-powered system, which allows greater продолжить range, is still available to special order, if required.) In case you 5 wondering, 5 is 5 ‘D’ model, and all provide the same basic impedance-conversion and transformerless output electronics in an active impedance-balanced configuration.

DPA 4011A

Ideal for acoustic guitars and as a drum overhead. Directional characteristics: 5.

DPA 4011A

Frequency range: 5 - 5 Hz. Requires 48 V of phantom power. Impedance: 200 Ohm.

DPA 4011A

Max. SPL (sound pressure level): 158 dB. Pad switch: -20 dB.

DPA 4011A

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The 4011 is available with a MMP-A, MMP-C, MMP-ER and MMP-ES preamp.
It comes with a clip and a wind screen.
State-of-the-art components have been carefully selected to provide optimal neutrality, accuracy and extremely low distortion.
The principal appeal of the 4011 Cardioid Mic is its directional quality and attention to detail.
This mic makes everything sound like the original.
The first-order cardioid pickup pattern provides superb separation between sound sources.
It is equally suitable for close-up work on acoustic guitar, grand piano, overheads, percussion, wind instruments and vocals as it is for spot-miking symphonies.
It can handle incredibly high sound pressure levels SPLs.
A flat on-axis frequency 5 and excellent phase response deliver a faithful reproduction of the original sound.
The off-axis response is similarly smooth so that any leakage is an accurate reflection of the original, though attenuated according to the true first-order cardioid pickup pattern.
Combine it источник the preamp of your choice As with all of our modular pencil microphones, you can combine the with any of our preamps.
The is an ultra-transparent, transformerless preamp with active drive for impedance balancing.
The is an ultra-compact preamp with active drive for impedance balancing.
It has a slightly softer character than the other preamps for our.
Other preamps include the very small form factor types XLR output and MicroDot outputallowing for very по этому адресу set-ups.
The MMP-G even allows you to match 5 larger microphone directly to a wireless transmitter.
State-of-the-art components have been carefully selected to provide optimal neutrality, accuracy and extremely low distortion.
It is equally suitable for close-up work on acoustic guitar, grand piano, overheads, percussion, wind instruments and vocals as it is for spot-miking symphonies.
It can handle incredibly high sound levels and even includes a 20 dB pad switch in the center of the XLR connector to attenuate the output of the microphone.
The 4011A Cardioid Mic is also available as a matched stereo pair.
Designed to be hidden from view, the diminutive design and high performance of the 4011C Compact Cardioid Mic 5 it the outstanding 5 for unobtrusively miking all types of television, film, theatre, concert and studio performances.
When used to spot-mike larger orchestras, these mics are hard to beat.
Capable of handling high SPLs without distortion, the mic is perfectly tailored for close-miking applications; minimizing bleed from other instruments.
In film and TV studios, they are excellent for off-camera voice recording or Foley work.
For live on-camera recordings, their matte black finish gives them a classic yet inconspicuous appearance, while for sound reinforcement in concert halls, theatres and houses of worship, they provide clean, natural sound while reducing the noticeable effect of lighting reflection.
The mic has a length of only 3.
This solution features an integrated 5 solution with either side 4011ES or rear 4011ER cable entry.
This allows the mic to be hung from the ceiling and create precise and repeatable positions and angles when spot miking orchestra sections or ambience 100 Need-U духи Laboratorio мл.

Olfattivo Туалетные />The 4011ES 5 the non-modular legacy 4021 Compact Cardioid Condenser Mic and the 4011ER replaces the non-modular legacy 4022 Compact Cardioid Condenser Https://csgoup.ru/100/shiptsi-babyliss-st88e.html />They come in many variations — with wider or narrower angles of sensitivity supercardioid, hypercardioid, wide cardioid etc.
Although cardioids also pick up sound coming in from the sides, this off-axis sound will normally be more or less colored and damped.
The unique DPA capsule technique however skips the colorization of the sound coming from the sides or the rear of the mic and just reduces the sensitivity to these angles and thereby offers perfect sound stages.
The amount of damping depends on the exact 5 of the mic.
A cardioid microphone is, by definition, damped -6 dB at the 90°side entry of the microphone but for many, the word cardioid generally covers mics with a directional pattern versus omnis, which pick up sound from all directions.
Due to their nature, directional mics are often used on the live stage — both during concerts as 5 as spoken-word events, to capture the focused sound of an instrument or voice.
The narrow angle of sensitivity helps to minimize the bleed from other sounds on a busy 5 />One thing to note with cardioid mics is the proximity effect, which causes an increase in bass response the closer the microphone is moved to the sound source.
Therefore, when judging mic specs you should 5 look for a statement stating the distance at which the flat frequency response has been measured.
In addition, cardioid mics are far more sensitive to wind, pop and handling noises than omni mics, so be sure to take precautions to guard against this.
Very clean directional pattern with excellent rejection from the rear and Max.
SPL of 159 dB before clipping.
Optimized for onstage use, it has been used on many stages as well as recording sessions.
It exhibits a previously unheard blend of clarity, richness and dynamic range.
Any leakage that occurs from off-axis sound sources is still a faithful reproduction 5 these sounds, just softly attenuated.
You can hear a little of the room ambiance as well.
The 6066 mics sport a completely redesigned, lightweight, one-size-fits-all headset that attaches over the ears for maximum comfort.
What they lack in size, they more than make up for in clarity, consistency and durability — three qualities that really matter.
Each microphone come in a different variations, each with it's own product ID and variant name.
See the list of product IDs and names below.
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